MVIDYALAYA is an innovative idea of a TRUE tablet based e-learning eco-system developed by SENTIYENT IT CONSULTING PVT. LTD to replace text books, note books and traditional classroom environment using mobile tablets.

Students can keep learning anywhere anytime in the country even when they are not able to attend school. All they will need is internet connection.

The Objective

  • Take education to remote areas of the country via latest Mobility solutions, Technology, Science & Innovation
  • Pair online education with face-to-face student-faculty interactions, reshaping the entire learning experience.
  • Improve education standards and making education affordable, accessible, continuous and environment friendly
  • Introduce new teaching methodologies making classrooms blended and interactive


  • Use Collaboration technology between students and teachers for effective learning
  • Use mobile platform and e-Learning concepts to help education reach out to every part of the country to make the idea of “Education for Everyone” a reality.
  • Cut Cost and make high quality education affordable and accessible to everyone without any socio-economic restrictions for a better society and a better nation
  • Make education a continuous process and accessible to all students without any impact on academic year(s) due to factors such as strikes, “bandhs “ etc
  • Provide flexibility to enable each student to control their pace of learning
  • Provides a complete MIS for teachers, parents, students and school administrators
  • An Eco-friendly solution playing its small part to protect the environment by preserving our trees and forests.