MVidyalaya USB Drive - Education Anytime Anywhere

We at Sentiyent believe that education is a continuous process and should not be hindered in any manner or circumstances. Keeping that vision in mind, we are pleased to bring you our innovative offering – MVidyalaya USB Drive to help students in studying even they are unable to go online or do not have internet connection. MVidyalaya USB Drive provides very vital support mechanism in continuing a student’s education when they are not able to attend school or are away without any access to teacher for helping and guiding them. We believe MVidayalaya USB drive provides a very supportive mechanism for continuing education.

  • •     All of the content – e-books, documents, videos, CBTs etc. will be available to students for all grades.
  • •     MVidyalaya USB Drive does not need internet connection
  • •     MVidyalaya USB Drive is not limited or restricted to PCs / Laptops or Tablets and can be used it any wherever students want to.

Why do I need the MVidyalaya USB Drive?

There are occasions when students are unable to attend school or do not have internet connection at a place where they are to access MVidyalaya platform online. In such situations, parents may want their child to waste their time playing the whole time. MVidyalaya USB Drive addresses such concerns by providing the learning content on via the USB Drive.

How do I use the USB Drive?

You can use the MVidyalaya USB Drive on a Desktop as well as laptops wherever you are. You can also use it on your MVidyalaya tablet platform. You will have to download the app and you can have access to content from the USB drive on your tablet or phone, which you can use anywhere and anytime you want.


You can use the content on the MVidyalaya USB Drive on the go. It is as good as a substitute to the content that you would have access to on MVidyalaya platform. You don’t need to worry about internet connections or your data plan.


MVidyalaya USB Drive contains your videos, e-books, documents etc. that you can access without internet connection and on any laptop or desktop or tablet wherever you are anytime.


Most of websites that children often visit often download dangerous malware and viruses on your computer and laptops. With MVidyalaya USB drive, you will not to be worried about any theft of data from your computer or any damage to it.